Start a Bible school

📖 Start a Bible School with Apostolic Voice University

Are you passionate about providing quality theological education in your community? Start a Bible school with Apostolic Voice University and join us in our mission to equip leaders for effective ministry and service.

🌟 Steps to Affiliation:

1. Agree to Statement of Faith and Vision:
   Before proceeding, affirm your alignment with Apostolic Voice University's Statement of Faith and Vision, ensuring a shared commitment to theological beliefs and educational objectives.

2. Join the Alliance:
   Contact the Apostolic Voice Alliance (AVA) via WhatsApp at +260976308438 to become a member. Membership in AVA signifies your dedication to our shared vision and values.

3. Sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU):
   Once you're a member of AVA, sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Apostolic Voice University. This outlines the terms and conditions of affiliation, including collaborative programs and resource sharing.

4. Pay the Affiliate Fee:
   Maintain your affiliation by paying an annual fee of $10 to Apostolic Voice University. This fee supports the ongoing development of AVU and its affiliated programs.

5. Curriculum Selection:
   Choose between your own curriculum or Apostolic Voice University's carefully crafted curriculum, designed to align with biblical principles and educational standards.

6. Resource Support:
   Access a range of resources and materials provided by AVU, including textbooks, teaching guides, and online learning platforms to enhance your educational offerings.

7. Launch and Implementation:
   Once affiliated, launch your educational programs and begin enrolling students. Promote your school within your community and church networks to attract prospective students.

8. Continued Support:
   Benefit from ongoing support and guidance from Apostolic Voice University, including training sessions, webinars, and collaborative initiatives to enhance teaching skills and deepen biblical knowledge.

Join us in providing quality theological education rooted in biblical truth and academic excellence. Take the first step today!

🔗Get Started: Contact AVA via WhatsApp at +260976308438 to begin your journey with Apostolic Voice University.